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How to Respond to the Current EFPO Notice Received by Your Establishment

About the Latest EPFO Notice

The Indian Government has programs like the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI) to protect employees in businesses. Some companies have received a notice recently about not following EPF rules properly with the subject “NO Compliance filled form registration till JUN-2023” . This article helps explain what this notice means and how to respond to it properly.

Are you affected by the Current EPFO Notice?

This notice is compulsory for companies that were established before February 15, 2020. These companies should be following EPF rules if they have more than 20 employees, and they had taken the EPF Registration only when they reached the threshold of 20 employees. But, as per Press Release on March 6, 2020, Registration for EPFO for new Public & Private Limited Companies and One Person Companies has been stopped on Shram Suvidha Portal from 15.02.2020 and with effect from 15.02.2020, new Public & Private Limited Companies and One Person Companies are getting registration number for EPFO on MCA portal through Spice + and AGILE-PRO eforms at the time of incorporation.  However,  companies, started after February 15, 2020, are also registered but don’t need to follow the compliance or  rules as per EPF Act 1952, until they have the required number of employees (threshold)

Check your Compliance Requirements for EPFO

  1. A Company with or without any staff yet below threshold no of employees incorporated after 15-02-2020 having EPF Registration (No Compliance Required)
  2. A Company without any employed staffs but under min cap for EPF (No Compliance Required)
  3. A Company with employed staffs beyond min cap for EPF, but yet to register their employees on EPF (Need to Comply)
  4. A Company registered before 15-02-2020 and has EPFO registration (Need to Comply)

Responding to the Current EPFO Notice

If your company received this notice, you should check whether you need to comply with EPF rules based on when your company started and how many employees you have as per the above mentioned points. Companies started before February 15, 2020, with the necessary number of employees should already be following these rules. If your company is newer or doesn’t have enough employees, you need to inform the EPFO about your situation.

Support from TRUSTLINK

TRUSTLINK will be always in your assistance to support you for any help in the matter of response to the latest Notice served to you to the EPF Authority as per regulations.



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