Copyright Registration

Enjoy valid and exclusive rights over your works

What is Copyright ?

Copyright is a intellectual property right and it is a right to ownership and enjoyment given by the law to creators of literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. It comprises of a package of rights to reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation and translation of the work. Copyright protects the right of creators for both published and unpublished works.
Due to increase in awareness among people about intellectual property laws, there is a increasing necessity of copyright registration in different industries.

Who can apply for copyright registration ?

Copyright works include books, sound recordings, music, artistic works, cinematographic films, dramatic, computer programs, databases, advertisements, and paintings etc. Any individual or business entity can apply for copyright registration. Author, creator, musician, photographer, producer, painter, composer, or a company may protect their creatives with using this legal power of copyright.

Necessity and Validity of Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is neither a necessity nor a formality for a creator as soon as the work is created, but, to prove ownership over copyright and to serve as prima-facie evidence in the court of law, copyright is a necessity.
A Copyright Registration application is to be made on Form IV in a prescribed manner along with the applicable fees. Three copies of published work have to be presented along with the application in case of a published work. In case of unpublished work, one copy of manuscript has to be affixed along with the application.
Copyright Protection generally lasts for 60 years. For a original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, the 60 years period is counted from the year following the death of the creator. cinematograph films, sound recordings, photographs, posthumous publications, anonymous and pseudonymous publications, works of government and works of international organizations, the 60 year period is counted from the date of publication of the Copyright Registration.

Benefits of Copyright Protection

Copyright Registration has numerous benefits both on the protection value as well as on the commercial value.
• Creator / copyright holder can sell or pass on the rights of the work to other person with copyright protection.
• Any derivative work can be created by a person from the copyrighted work.
• The work that is copyrighted can be used or reused or reproduced by an individual to sell its copies of that work.
• The copyright protection enables an individual to exhibit their work freely without worries.
• Creator gets the pure credits for the originality of their works by copyright protection.
• The copyright holder gets the certificate of ownership of their work publicly by copyright protection.
• The copyright holder has the free will to legally challenge a copy entity similar to their’s.
• In case the legal actions are taken in a certain period of time in respect to the date of publication,it enables the holder to acquire sufficient evidences related to their copyrights along with the facts present in their certificate of copyright.
• The holder gets to harvest the economic benefits on their side by using their literary or artistic entity in various ways to gain profit.
• The credits of hard works can never be looted from the creator by unfair means on any circumstances which encourages artists of various kinds to continue their creation.
• It benefits the holder by registering with Indian Customs to avoid the circulation of illegal copies of their entity in India.

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