Refund Policy

TRUSTLINK, operated by Transource Business Solutions Private Limited stands on very strong refund policy as per industry norms. We made our refund policy very easy, simple and easy terms without any vague words or sentences to make it more secure and safe for our clients.

Expression of Dissatisfaction:

It is advisable at first stage let us know your dissatisfaction for any service or services we are engaged in for you. You can mail us at su*****@tr************.com. Our team will try to resolve the issues at their level best without any further mishaps if there is any negligence or inefficiency from our end.

2O Days Refund Policy:

If the service delivery is not happening and the development is not as per your expectations, client may proceed for a refund request @ su*****@tr************.com within the 60 days of payment. On consideration, refund will be done as per the following calculations and terms:

Case 1: Where client demands full refund for the service, deductions will be as per the following way:

15% deduction of professional fees + Govt. Fees incurred in the process + Cost incurred on DSC or on any other tools or software

Case 2: Where client opted for any other service or future services replacing the ordered service instead of monetary refund.

No deduction of professional fees, Only deduction for Govt. Fees and Cost incurred on DSC or on any other tools or software.

Payment of Penalty and Document Accuracy

TRUSTLINK is responsible for the timely service delivery of the client, but not responsible for any penalty or extra charges due to delay from client’s end and delay due to non-performance of government portals. Furthermore, it is fully client’s responsibility to produce proper and accurate documents for any service processing. TRUSTLINK will not be responsible for any kind of penalties/fines/extra time due to wrong documentation, inaccurate documents or any mishaps from clients end.

Factors beyond our control

TRUSTLINK will not be responsible for any disruption or delay in its service to clients happening due to the reasons beyond our control such as change in government regulations, serious issues with government portal, natural calamities, epidemics or any such situation.